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Glen Club, a revolutionary platform for whiskey enthusiasts. From lifestyle to investment, from indulgence to passion, we delve deep into the limitless possibilities of whiskey alongside our esteemed members. Centered around whiskey culture, Glen Club offers a remarkable array of extraordinary experiences.
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Embrace a world of exquisite, globally sourced premium whiskies within the exclusive confines of Glen Club's boutique clubhouse. Beyond savoring a mere taste, membership bestows a plethora of privileges. Embark on an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime journey through the depths of Scottish whisky, where you will sample directly from the original casks, leaving your signature as a cherished memento, adding a personal touch to this valuable investment. Glen Club regularly unveils a curated selection of casks and limited-edition single bottles. Whether seeking rarities of the highest caliber or entry-level choices, we are committed to providing tastefully chosen whiskies that embody the essence of unique investment value. Glen Club, the outset of your brand-new whisky lifestyle.
Glen Club offers bespoke rare whisky cask investment services to fit members' needs ranging from single cask investment, whisky portfolio management, physical bottling, and digital assets. Tailor-made solutions are available from our team of experts. A full set of British operating licenses gives you peace of mind on your investment. Company No.: 14819131 WOWGR No.: GBOG031015500 Duty Representative No.: GBDR031015500 AWRS URN: XZAW 000 0012 0033
Glen Club membership offers a plethora of exclusive privileges, allowing individuals to connect their tastes with a like-minded community, and fostering interactions that transcend boundaries.
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Glen Club offers a truly distinctive journey through the world of whisky. The pinnacle of the adventure - Glen Club's bond warehouse, where you can witness the enchanting phenomenon known as the "angel's share" and have the privilege of touching the original casks. Glen Club's team of whisky experts will provide captivating explanations in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English, as you explore the illustrious history and cultural heritage of whisky.
Glen Club believes in good causes and is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR), environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, and promotes diversity in all aspects of our business operations.
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