The New Jounery Awaits
Every cask owner dreams of witnessing the ethereal beauty of their whisky casks lying down in the warehouse. Imagine themselves seeing the casks in person. Swirl, smell, sip, and savor a dram from the casks. Sign your name for a timeless memory on the cask to be laid down for the maturation period. At Glen Club, it’s never a dream. It’s part of our prestigious cask ownership journey. Come join us in the enchanting landscapes of Scotland. Feel the captivating ambiance of the whisky cask warehouse. Celebrate the art of whisky-making with private access to Scotland’s finest distilleries, indulgent tutored tastings, and intimate warehouse visits. Immerse yourself in Scotch whisky’s rich heritage and cultural tapestry while being guided by our cask-investing experts fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, or English.
Unique Whisky Adventures
House of Whisky
Experience an extraordinary journey guided by Glen Club's whisky experts in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Explore renowned distilleries, uncover the comprehensive process of whisky production from scratch, and encounter the origin of every future star in the making.
Angel's In The Air
Within Glen Club's bond warehouse, experience the renowned "Angel's Share" that permeates the world of whisky. Our dedicated team passionately reveals the captivating stories behind the maturation process of each whisky cask.
Witness the Maturation
The unique opportunity to personally sample whiskies directly from the casks, allows you to witness and appreciate the evolving flavors and characteristics at different stages of maturation.
Your Name Your Cask
Capture the precious moments by personally signing the cask as a memento. Our dedicated professional photographer will capture these cherished moments, adding a personal touch to your valuable investment.
Savor The Perfect Sensation
Elevate your culinary senses to a new height with the whisky-pairing dinners designed by Glen Club. Experience the refined artistry of pairing carefully selected whisky and delectable dishes. Offer your palate an unrivaled pleasure that only Glen Club can deliver.
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